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DARWin is a complete algoritmic matrix-oriented high-level language for applications in research, science, technology, quality control and education. DARWin offers wide range of system and programming tools for data filtering and pre-conditioning, data analysis, statistical modelling, graphical insight and presentation, analytical reporting, database operations with SQL-support, process simulation and optimization, automation of data processing and state-of-the-art reporing, specialized analyses, development and codification of operation procedures, customized analytical modules, development and seamless implementation of new algorithms, technical and engineering education support, etc. DARWin is a part of the interactive statistical package QCExpert, it uses QCExpert´s resources, modules and data management. This connection extremely increases the system´s productivity and also range of problem it can readily solve. Steep learning curve enables the happy user almost instantly exploit the infinite possibilities of the QCExpert/DARWin system.

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DARWin Flexible data handling, drill-down and global reporting
Communication with databases and data sources
Programmed model-based data filtration
Data diagnostics, fault detection and identification
QC, SPC, Capability, R&R, MSA, DOE, SixSigma
Automatic programmable PDF reporting
Process optimization, identification of financial sources
DARWin Inovation support for processes and products
Training, courses, consulting, support
On-line application libraries, development, maintenance
Intuitive user environment and context help
Unlimitted data size and flexible data structures
Natural and easy scalability of applications
Fast solution of complex and special problems
Maximal effectivity with user function libraries
Easy integration in menu and fast data connectivity
Simulation and validation tools for advanced models
Instant use, distribution and sharing of modules and functions

DARWin TriloByte supports continuous education for technicians, engineers, researchers and scientists in the TriloByte Statistical Academy. The program includes both short courses series and long-term post-graduate study of applied statistics, modelling and data analysis with the aim to enhance profficiency and effectivity in industry and research. Support for education and research includes tutorial materials, tasks and solved examples with DARWin programs for applied mathematics, numerical mathematics, optimization, probability, statistics, modelling and other applied fields. On-line function library contains standard and advanced methods for analysis and presentation of research results ranging from simple statistical tests to Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines, robust methods, intensive computational methods, etc. DARWin contains functions for probability, statistical modelling, simulations, numerical mathematics, matrix and linear algebra, data structures and database functions, 2D and 3D general and special graphical functions and complete program control functions.
Fast and effective access to diverse data sources. Transformations, filtering, validation, diagnostics. Free or model-based segmentation and categorization of data. Sorting, ordering, aggregating, random sampling. Measurement validation, fraud detection. Trend and structure identification, data pattern recognition methods. Processing large databases in "BigData" mode. Data smoothing, imputation and predictive missing data management with model-based approach. Time base regularization. Import/Export to databases and files. Tables, summary, surveys, graphics. Identification and filtration of outliers and invalid data.

Diagnostic plots, combined informative plots, presentation graphics, structural plots, maps, network and tree plots, descriptive diagrams, histograms, splines, polygons, bars, 3D-dot plot, 3D functional surfaces, density, interactive 3D-plot mode, customizable graphics.
Basic statistical functions, quantiles and probabilities of common distributions, parameter estimation, moments of a distribution, random process simulation from a given parametric distribution, density, confidence intervals. Parametric and nonparametric tests. Customized tests. Distribution mixtures, seqencial tests, robust methods. Multivariate statistical models, maximal likelihood estimates.

Basic mathematical functions, fast vectorized aritmetics, linear algebra, determinants, SVD, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, inverse and pseudoinverse, Choleski decomposition. Matrix computation. Full data indexing. Logical and arithmetical indices. Fast data operations. Numerical methods, nonlinear optimization, signal analysis, smoothing, spectral analysis.

Program flow control structures, conditional structures, interaction with operating system (DOS call). Scheduled program execution. Interactive tools for routine use of program: dialog windows, menu, messages, automated sending e-mails, automatic structured PDF reports. Intuitive development environment. Simple but powerful programming language. Masisve increase in productivity for many data-oriented processes. Extensive and expandable add-in user libraries. Scaling-up applications to fit actual data environment and needs.

Methods and libraries for optimization, construction and deployment of statistical models. Advanced predictive models including Principal Component Regression, Neural Network, Support Vector Machines, multivariate linear and nonlinear regression, nonparametric local regression, time series and forecasting, model diagnostics, robust regression models, principal component analysis.
DARWin Thanks to its adaptivness, flexibility and also to general applicability of mathematics and statistics, applications of the analytical development environment QCExpert+DARWin include virtually all fields in technology and research ranging from nuclear physics, chemistry, biotechnology, material science, nanotechnology, medicine, food and pharmaceutical to economy, finance, psychology. Important applications are indeed in quality control: SPC, SixSigma, automated process diagnostics, reporting, stability detection, technology optimization, research, design and development in many industrial fields including automotive, pharmaceutical, food, power plants, finance and more.

Assistance and support for users, pilot programs, design and development of tailored applications, customized data analyses, reports, recommendations, on-line consulting, design and implementation of new operating procedures for optimal control and analysis of data. Maintained modules and functions library.

DARWin Seminars, lectures and conferences on statistical analysis, data proces-sing, modelling, optimization. Support for scientific publishing, analysis of data and interpretation of results. TriloByte Statistical Academy.

  “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes.”
”Today's civilization is in a new important transition phase - from economics based on bare industrial production to economics where the most important role is played by knowledge.”
Peter F. Drucker 


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