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This module generates pseudorandom numbers with given statistical properties. Four distributions are available for random sample generation: normal, lognormal, uniform and lambda. Different parameters (mean, variance, skewness) determine the distribution within the four types. Both independent and correlated data (with a given first order autocorrelation) can be simulated. Generated data are useful when simulating real processes or when exploring properties of various statistical procedures before applying them on real data. Uniformly distributed simulated data can be used to construct table of random numbers for acceptance sampling.

PDF Simulation - Pdf manual


Data Simulation

Plot of the generated data - Lognormal distribution:
Data Simulation

Generated data processed by Transformation module :
Data Simulation

Graphical Simulation

This is a tool for a fast manual data simulation. Points are placed in accordance with a preconceived idea of how the data should look like using mouse. The points are then converted to numerical values and saved in two columns of the current data sheet.
Data Simulation

You just click mouse to simmulate measured data
Data Simulation
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