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This module is an extension of the previous sampling design. It can generate tables for multiple different sampling designs in a user-friendly format. Individual cells of the table are in format “n/c”, where n is the required sample size and c is the acceptance number (the highest allowed number of non-conforming units in sample for the lot to be accepted). Every table cell is computed for different ranges of values N, AQL and RQL defined by user in the dialog window . Ranges for N, AQL and RQL allow high flexibility to generate customized tables in addition to existing ISO standards. The tables generated in this module are compatible with the ISO 2859-2 international standard.

PDF Acceptance sampling, Tables - Pdf manual

On the Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 we illustrate in 3-dimensional plots the  dependence of n and c on AQL and RQL at a constant N.
It is advisable to keep in mind that too close values of AQL and RQL will result in too high sample sizes n, as seen on Fig. 1 and Fig. 2.
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