2009 Quality & Productivity Research Conference
IBM T. J. Watson Research Center., Yorktown Heights, NY
June 3-5, 2009
Theme:   Data, Statistics & Vision lead to great decisions

qprc 2009

qprc 2009
IBM T. J. Watson research, Yorktown Heights (photo: maps.google.com)

qprc 2009
IBM Blue Gene/L: 370 Tflops
Invited program
  1. Aspects of Bias, Prediction Variance and Mean Square Error
    Session Chair: Christine Anderson-Cook, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  2. Statistics for Business Analytics
    Session Chair: Ta-Hsin Li, IBM Research.
  3. Analytics and Risk Management
    Session Chair: Martha Gardner, General Electric Co.
  4. Special Honoree Invited Session
    Session Organizer: William Q. Meeker, Iowa State University
  5. Designing High Reliability Products
    Session Chair: Narendra Soman, General Electric Co.
  6. Semi-supervised Learning in Quality Control
    Session Chair: George Michailidis, University of Michigan
  7. Risk Analysis in Information Technology Industry
    Session Chair: Bonnie Ray, IBM Research.
  8. Sequential Testing
    Session Chair: Joseph Glaz, University of Connecticut
  9. Lifetime Data Analysis
    Session Chair: Scott Kowalski, Minitab.
  10. Challenges in Web Search and Advertising
    Session Chair: Kishore Papineni, Yahoo Research.
  11. Classification models with applications to Quality
    Session Chair: Karel Kupka, TriloByte Statistical Software
  12. Advances in Statistical Process Control:
    Session in Honor of the late Professor Zachary Stoumbos
    Session Chair: Emmanuel Yashchin, IBM Research
  13. Reliability Assessment and Verification
    Session Chair: Gejza Dohnal, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
  14. Adaptive Designs in Pharmaceutical Industry
    Session Chair: Mani Y. Lakshminarayanan, Merck
  15. Data Mining and Information Retrieval
    Session Chair: Regina Liu, Rutgers University
  16. Special INFORMS Session: Data Mining in Manufacturing Process Control
    Session Chair: Susan Albin, Rutgers University
  17. Nonparametric Statistical Process Control / Monitoring
    Session Chair: Regina Liu, Rutgers University
  18. Statistical Leadership in Industry
    Session Chair: Diane Michelson, Sematech
  19. New developments in Design of Experiments
    Session Chair: Douglas C. Montgomery, Arizona State University
  20. Bayesian methods in Quality and Reliability
    Session Chair: Will Guthrie, NIST
  21. Healthcare Applications
    Session Chair: Art Chaovalitwongse, Rutgers University
More informations available at http://research.ihost.com/qprc_2009/
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