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Data Analysis 2008 II Print
Autumn Conference on applied statistical methods
Data Analysis 2008/II
November 18 - 21, 2008, Lázně Bohdaneč u Pardubic
Program: Workshop CQR, Tutorials, Lectures, Consulting, Interactive discussion
Data Analysis 2008/II
18. - 21.11. 2008 Lázně Bohdaneč u Pardubic
Program -
Workshop CQR -
Solved projects overview, Statistical methods in quality and reliability. InterakInteractive workshop of Research Center for Quality and Reliability. Experience, solutions, case studies
Lectures, Tutorials-
Statistical data mining, Current developments in knowledge discovery in data, regression modelling, classification methods, SVM, PLS, Neural nets 
Component and system reliability modelling, Diagnosing process stability, on-line and off-line CUSUM, SPC, applications in SixSigma
Planned events and activities of TriloByte, CQR, University of California
Date & Time: 18.11.2008, 08:00 — 21.11.2008, 17:00
Location: Hotel Technik
Za Skolkou 620 ( map )
Lazne Bohdanec, 533 41a
Czech Republica
Registration Deadline: 18.11.2008

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