QC Expert 3.3 Statistical power at your fingertips.

Statistical Modules

Basic Statistics
Two Sample Comparison
Probabilistic models
Data Transformation
Probability Calculator
Statistical Testing
Power and Sample Size
Contingency Tables
Error Propagation, Uncertainty
ANOVA, 1 and 2 Factor
ANOVA Multi factor, QI, MSA*
Experimental Design
Response Surface Optimization

Correlation Analysis
Multivariate Analysis
Canonical Correlation
Linear Regression
Nonlinear Regression
Cubic smoothing spline
Logistic Regression
Neural Network
Neural Time Series (ANN-TS)
Neural Time Series - Parabootstrap
ANN - Classification
PLS - Partial Least Squares
SVM - Support Vector Machines

Shewhart Charts
EWMA Control Chart
CUSUM Control Chart
Hotelling Control Chart
Multiple control charts
Capability Analysis
Pareto Analysis
Single sample acceptance design
Acceptance sampling, Tables
Acceptance Sampling
Acceptance Sampling For Variables




Interactive software for data analysis and statistical quality control for Windows

Interactive and Automated Analysis of Your Data by Advanced Statistical Methods

Statistical Engine of the QC-Expert Data Analysis System
Whole QCExpert system consist

Data Acquisition: Keyboard, TXT, XLS, VTS, ODBC, ON-LINE (serial RS232)

Data Input: Spreadsheet / Import / ODBC Connection / QCE DataCenter Data Sharing